Short Fiction

  • Three Songs To Fill Up The Shadow – Three figures swap stories about tricking death, as they themselves make a bid to survive an icy night on a vengeful river. Read at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
  • The Ghost Eaters – A Very Good Dog Ghost has watched his family home for most of a century, but there are things, far worse than death, that come for ghosts who stay too long. Read at Nightmare Magazine!
  • When Stars Are Scattered – On an alien world, familiar tensions appear between homesteading Christians and Muslims who have converted the native populace. Buy the ebook at Amazon for a mere 99 cent or read it at!
  • Ghosts Are All of Us – Mars’s most famous punk band reunites for a very un-punk garden party, but they’ve brought their own strange audience. Read in the Punk Rock Futures anthology!
  • And The Ghosts Sang With Her – A simple singer gets in over her head with an oath to the king of shapeshifters, and a quest to rescue his daughter, trapped in rat form by a legion of ghosts. Read in the Sword & Sonnet anthology!
  • The Fires of Mercy – An assassin, a mother, and child flee across the desert from relentless foes, until they are forced to seek help from something other than human. Read it at Beneath Ceaseless Skies or in print in the beautiful Swords & Steam anthology, or have it read to you on the BCS podcast.
  • The Child Support of Cromdor The Condemned – An old barbarian’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of an illegitimate son, in a sendup/commentary on classic Conan tales. Read in print at Lightspeed or have it read to you on Podcastle.
  • Blade & Branch & Stone – Three characters make very different choices at the front line of a war between humans and tree-speakers, in a very different twist on Tolkien. Read it in print at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly or have it read to you on Podcastle.
  • Clockwork of Sorrow – A brother and sister seek to stay together against all odds, even though one of them is a ghost. Read it in the beautiful Ghost In The Cogs anthology.