No stalling.

No discouraging critiques.

Just solid edits and mentorship from a professional.

I have edited professionally for 14 years, with clients who were just starting out, professional authors publishing books in a series, and academic/nonfiction works.

I promise constructive criticism, solid deadlines and dedicated mentoring.


What kind of writing does Spencer edit?

All kinds! But finish it first!

I mostly work with science fiction and fantasy, since that is what I mostly write. But I love to read in all genres, especially in mystery, historical novels, popular science and academic or popular history. I have also worked on dissertations, grants, and other more formal pieces of writing with idiosyncratic styles.

I will work on a prospectus or query, but only as part of editing the larger project.

What types of editing does Spencer do?

Other editors might use these terms differently, so this is what I mean when I say dev, line and copy edits:

Developmental edit – I read the manuscript on paper and write a 5-9 page letter with heavy details. I also include an hour of Zoom followup & mentoring. I will snail mail the marked-up paper manuscript for the cost of shipping. This is best for early drafts, when a writer is planning a major round of revision.
Line edit –
This is the meticulous, all-in-one, take-this-manuscript-apart option. I go through line by line in Word, tracking changes, with comments about macro story stuff, word choice, grammar and spelling, and basically everything you could think of. This is best if you really want a thorough look at a draft.
Copy edit –  I go through it once in print and once in Word only for grammar, punctuation and minor clarity issues. This is for books that are ready for publication.

I also offer mentoring services via Zoom, for understanding publishing, submission strategies, and general help with the process.

Email ellsworth.editing@gmail.com or use the contact form below to inquire about rates.

Does it need to be finished?

Yes! The ending is a vital part of understanding the entire manuscript. Sometimes I will take on dissertations or nonfiction works that have no ending, but if your problem is finishing a manuscript, inquire about mentoring services.

How does Spencer know what he’s doing?

I am the author of four novels including A Red Peace and its two sequels published by Tor, and dozens of professionally published short stories. I have been a professional editor and English teacher since 2010 and I can spot a comma splice in the darkest depths of a compound sentence. I have copy-edited published works, including work with the Lightspeed team on the Destroy Science Fiction series.

How much?

The amount depends on what type of edit and the length of the project. I will always give you a full quote before starting a project. Email ellsworth.editing@gmail.com

Who wrote the book of love?

It was me. Please don’t tell.

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